Dennis Prager on the Five H.S. Students Sent Home for Wearing American Flag Gear on Cinco de Mayo

Prager’s on point here, as usual.

See, what is lost here, and this is why I’m going nuts: The Mexican kids aren’t Mexican, they’re American. They are American of Mexican heritage. They’re, if you will, Mexican American. But they ARE American. Does the school do anything to teach them that?

Exactly right.

I don’t doubt this for a minute:

You give me these kids for a month, I’ll win them back…I believe that I could undo in one month — for the vast majority of kids at college — I could undo the Left-Wing brainwash that they’ve had. And the reason is that it’s all feelings, and as soon as you talk to their minds, you can overcome it. It’s not hard at all, it’s just never tried…People don’t like to say to kids, “you’re wrong.” I don’t know why, it’s the thing that they most need.

About six months ago, I actually posted on Facebook that I’d buy for any of my Liberal friends a one-month subscription to Dennis Prager if they’d listen to him every day for that time frame. No one took me up on my offer, but maybe I’ll try again…


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