Burns Has Comfortable Cash Advantage Over Critz

From CQ Politics:

Burns Flush With Cash With 12 Days To Go

Democratic special election nominee Mark Critz is headed into the final 12 days of the campaign with a serious cash disadvantage.

Critz reported $73,000 cash on hand plus another $40,000 in debt in the pre-election reports released Thursday.

Businessman Tim Burns, the GOP nominee, reported having more than four times that sum with $308,000 in the bank. Burns also loaned his campaign about $221,000.

UPDATE: According to the 48-hour report filed Thursday, Critz has brought it another $70,000, although the electronic filing does not show how much of that he has spent. Burns meanwhile, pulled in $88,000 in his 48-hour report.

How’s the money picture look from a national perspective?

National Republicans, however, have dumped more into the race on behalf of Burns: The National Republican Congressional Committee has spent $728,000 in the race, while the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has spent $641,000.

Tim Burns currently leads the race, according to RCP’s aggregation of polls.

And here’s the NRCC’s latest ad:

Support for the repeal of ObamaCare is quite high in the district. The Daily Kos poll that has Burns up six shows that 48% of PA-12 residents wants ObamaCare repealed. Only 34% approve of the new law.


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