Why I’m Glad More Young People Don’t Vote

I sincerely mean that too.

From David Kirby at Sometimes Right, who procured the crosstabs from a Pew survey last week that asked respondents whether they had positive or negative feelings towards the following words:

Respondents aged 18-29 have just as positive a view (43%-43%) of Socialism as they do of Capitalism, and only by a 1% margin is Socialism viewed more negatively than Capitalism.

Not good.


16 Responses to Why I’m Glad More Young People Don’t Vote

  1. Bill says:

    Could it be because both systems are inherently flawed? Maybe a mix between the two might be best? Errrr… a limited welfare state?

  2. DCG says:

    This is what your govt education produces…so how can these young folks be positive about socialism and civil liberties when you inherently lose the latter under socialism? Or am I missing something in the foot note…

    • Nick says:

      Debbie, that’s FAR too complex a thought for the Socialism-lovers to comprehend, lol. I love it though.

  3. DCG says:

    Please Bill name one country that has grown and prospered with the combo of both capitalism and socialism…and do you live there?

  4. Bill says:

    The United States of America.

    • DCG says:

      Get back to me when Obama is done with his socialist agenda….so far I’m not impressed. Economics not his forte…

    • Nick says:

      Hey Bill, which Socialistic program in this country has succeeded?

      • Bill says:

        The education system has been pretty good. Firefighters and police. The armed forces. What about infrastructure? Gotta love the National Highway Act.

        We’ve installed a social democracy. We tax everybody, and we do so at least moderately progressively. Some of our best years as a growing nation were when the taxes on the highest earners was near 90%, and we built a robust nation because of it.

        And Obama isn’t a socialist, and his “socialist agenda,” which to the best of my knowledge is centered around the health care bill, is actually very similar to Medicare and Social Security. Sure the two have their kinks (which have been and are always going to be worked out), but providing stability and care to tens of millions of people all while not inhibited free enterprise has been pretty alright to me.

      • Nick says:

        Wait, what? Firefighters, police, and the armed forces are Socialistic groups??

        And Bill, you’re nuts if you want to implement a 90% tax on the highest earners. Absolutely nuts.

        Also, you can say Obama doesn’t have a socialist agenda all you want. Be my guest. His actions prove otherwise.

        And what? Social Security and Medicare have their “kinks”?? You DO know they’re going bankrupt, right? That’s not simply a “kink.” That’s a massive flaw.

  5. DCG says:

    This is what your govt education produces…

    Do your homework on Obama’s association w/socialists and his background. Very interesting links between Obama and The New Party, Apollo Alliance, Alinsky Industrial Areas Foundation, DSA, ACORN, etc. etc. Some more names for you: Joel Rogers, Sarah Siskind, Daniel K. Davis, Quentin Young, and Cornel West. Birds of a feather…

    • Bill says:

      Nick: the idea of taxing citizens for public welfare (yes, firefighters, the mail, police are indeed government employees) is a socialist principle. We could be calling a private firefighting agency, theoretically, but we don’t.

      I don’t want to implement that high of a tax, I never said that. What I did say, however, was that America flourished under such a system for many years.

      What actions are “socialist” under Obama? And does that make SS and Medicare socialist? Or figments of a social democracy?

      And Social Security is going bankrupt because of an influx of baby-boomers, not because it is inherently flawed. It has worked for many years. The flaw will be fixed. Medicare has problems, and is being fixed (thanks Obama!).

      DCG: I’d rather my President be educated in social problems than be worried solely with balance sheets. Cornel West is brilliant, and just because he is friends with socialists doesn’t mean he is a socialist. One of my best friends is a flaming Reaganite. Does that mean I’m all about liberal economics? No. Just because I’m friends with many pro-Palestine people doesn’t mean I have an anti-Zionist agenda (I don’t). Better Obama be educated than a bumbling buffoon. And let it be known that none of the institutes Obama went to (ever, to my knowledge) were public schools. These ideas aren’t just products of the government.

      • DCG says:

        Either you fully vetted Obama or did your research (in just 11 minutes!) on Obama’s Alinsky/socialist training and the activities performed by these socialist groups and people to “fundamentally transform” the USA. They aren’t about social problems, they are about the socialist agenda – these ideas are favored by both a liberal government and progressives. If that’s what you prefer, enjoy your hope and change.

        We all know what schools Obama says he attended. Yet since he’s kept his records sealed and we have yet to see any transcripts, guess we’ll have to take his word for it!

      • Nick says:

        Taxing citizens to have a functional government by and for the people is a socialist principle? Yeah, no it’s not.

        The government provides services that we need, and we pay for them. Some more than others, some less than others, but we all chip in. And guess what? We WANT firefighters, a police force, the military, the post office. They all provide value to us. So we pay the government, and the government provides a service, which we consider valuable. The only thing not Capitalistic about that is that paying the tax required is not voluntary. Nor should it be.

  6. Damian G. says:

    I guess the bright side is that Libertarian scored more highly with 18-29 year-olds as well, but most young people probably think that that translates to being a social libertine and not a free-market capitalist.

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