Cook Political Report: Yeah, Blumenthal’s gaffe is kind of a big deal


From the Cook Political Report, via CQ Politics:

“There are some political observers who don’t believe that Blumenthal can survive this incident. Whether that’s true will be determined over the next couple of days and will depend on whether the media uncovers more examples of Blumenthal misrepresenting his service, or if doubts are raised about what the Attorney General said this afternoon.

Our early guess is that Blumenthal does survive, but that he is no longer the heavy favorite he was just 24 hours ago, and Republicans will now play on a more level playing field. As such, the race is moving to the Toss Up column.”

There are three candidates doing battle against each other for the GOP nomination: Linda McMahon, Rob Simmons, and Peter Schiff.

In the latest Quinnipiac poll taken in mid-March, McMahon was leading Simmons by 10 points, 44-34. Schiff, for whatever reason, wasn’t included in the poll.

Given recent events, however, I’d expect to see a new poll come out within the next few days with all three candidates listed.

Linda McMahon, Rob Simmons, and Peter Schiff


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