A Response to Erick Erickson’s Call For Carly Fiorina to Drop Out of the CA-Sen GOP Primary

“It is Not Chuck DeVore Who Must Drop Out.

Carly Fiorina Must Go.”

That’s the headline of Erick Erickson’s latest post on RedState.com, and it’s quite an interesting one considering the fact that he was ready to throw in the towel on DeVore last week.

Let’s try to figure out why Erickson had a change of heart.

In his post, he writes:

“The bottom line is that the DeVore-as-spoiler myth is a falsehood perpetrated by an increasingly worried and anxious Fiorina campaign that is already seeking to cast blame for its failures on third parties. There is no data to support it.”

That’s so ridiculous, it’s laughable. First of all, everyone agrees Chuck DeVore is the most Conservative candidate in the race. Secondly, everyone should agree that Carly Fiorina is the second-most Conservative candidate in the race, followed by Tom Campbell, who’s the most Liberal candidate.

The only people who don’t believe this are DeVore supporters, who think Fiorina and Campbell are equally as Liberal. This just isn’t true, of course, as Fiorina is solidly pro-life, pro-gun, pro-traditional marriage, and has raked in a slew of Conservative endorsements from prominent Conservative figures and groups. I don’t know of ANY prominent Conservative figures or groups that have endorsed Campbell.

Is Erick Erickson really suggesting that if Chuck DeVore dropped out of the race, his supporters would shift their allegiance to Campbell instead of Fiorina, when Fiorina was just endorsed by Sarah Palin? He can’t possibly believe that.

Let’s talk about the most recent PPIC poll that just came out last night. In regards to it, Erickson writes:

“PPIC is the only poll to show Fiorina in the lead and after two months she has gained only one point and Chuck DeVore has gained 8 points.”

Erickson makes it sound as if DeVore is surging, but an eight-point gain in two months for a candidate that no one had previously heard of is not that impressive. And guess what? His gain in the polls came at absolutely no expense to either Fiorina or Campbell. Fiorina actually gained a point in the poll as Erickson noted, and Campbell stayed right where he was at.

Erickson knows all of this of course, but when you’re trying to help a certain candidate win, sins of omission are often common.

The bottom line is that Chuck DeVore is at 16% in the polls. He was at 9% a little less than two months ago. Meanwhile, Fiorina has stayed in the mid-20’s, while Campbell has fluctuated somewhere around the mid-20’s to lower 30’s.

Suggesting Carly Fiorina should drop out when she’s running a very close second behind Tom Campbell is absolutely asinine. It’s even more asinine when you consider the fact that she’s actually leading the race in the new PPIC poll.

Another sin of omission committed by Erickson is his failure to mention Barbara Boxer’s 11-pt lead (50-39) over DeVore in the PPIC poll. It’s actually the first time that Boxer has reached 50% against any of her GOP challengers.

After the recent Rasmussen poll came out on the race, DeVore’s supporters were bragging about the fact that he had performed better against Boxer in the poll than Fiorina had. He trailed Boxer by six points, while Fiorina trailed by seven. I’d venture to guess those same people will turn a blind eye to the PPIC results, which show Fiorina trailing Boxer by a smaller margin than DeVore. Trailing by nine is nothing for Fiorina to be proud of, but she is in no way a worse candidate against Boxer than DeVore is. For DeVore supporters to suggest otherwise is nonsense.

Mr. Erickson, if anyone should drop out of the race, it should be Chuck DeVore. He is without a doubt taking votes away from Carly Fiorina, and if Tom Campbell ends up winning this race, DeVore will, and should be, held responsible.


3 Responses to A Response to Erick Erickson’s Call For Carly Fiorina to Drop Out of the CA-Sen GOP Primary

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  2. SheldonHall says:

    I am a Devore supporter. I know that in politics, it is very seldom that the best person prevails.

    The best person wins when he/she have a message that resonates with a large number of voters, and, they have alot of money.

    Chuck Devore has the message, but he doesn’t have the wealth, nor big money support. Big money Republicans would rather support a candidate like Fiorina, who is “okay”, or “not horrible”, but who has her own money to spend, than support a simple, and honest, and “poor” guy, like Chuck Devore.

    This is “business as usual” pragmatism.

    And that is why the Republican party is in big trouble. Their close-mindedness can’t understand that the prevailing anger is not about liberal vs conservative, but about the status quo vs the future.

    Else, how could a liberal like Campbell, without funds, but with good name recognition, be in the lead ? How could a pro abortion, and gay marriage candidate be in the lead ?

    I know that if Devore wins the primary, Fiorina will disappear from the political scene, and won’t lend a hand in the general election.

    I also know that Chuck Devore will support her, or Campbell in the general election, if they were to win the primary, because he wants what he believes is best for America.

    • Nick says:

      Hey Sheldon, I appreciate your comment. I’ve said repeatedly that I think Chuck DeVore is the best candidate in the race, and that I would be supporting him if he had a legitimate chance to win. As it stands right now, he doesn’t. A new poll out today puts him at 14%. The only rational thing for him to do is to drop out and endorse Fiorina, who like you said, is OK, not horrible. I think your criticism of the Republican party in terms of who the big guns are supporting in this race is a bit harsh. Chuck DeVore is a solid Conservative. Solid Conservatives don’t win in statewide California races. Candidates on the Right have to hold at least a few moderate positions.

      I wish Chuck DeVore were running in a red state. That would be great. He’s not, though, and if he stays in the race until the end, he will hand the nomination to the most Liberal Republican in the race.

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