Rasmussen: AZ Gov. Jan Brewer Surges in Popularity

Alternate headline: “Vulnerable governors everywhere scramble to craft anti-illegal immigration legislation.”

From Rasmussen:

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, following her signing and passionate defense of the state’s new immigration law, now claims 45% of the vote in the state’s Republican Primary field. That’s a 19-point gain from a month ago and puts her well ahead of all her challengers.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely GOP Primary Voters in Arizona shows State Treasurer Dean Martin and businessman Buz Mills each attracting 18% support. Former state Republican Party Chairman John Munger trails with three percent (3%). Three percent (3%) prefer some other candidate, and 13% are undecided.

Just last month, Brewer held a modest lead with 26% of the primary vote, followed by Mills at 18%, Munger at 14% and Martin with 12%. Twenty-four percent (24%) were undecided.

In March, Brewer, Martin and Mills were in a three-way tie, each attracting about 20% of GOP voters.

From 20% to 26% to 45% in three months. From being tied in the primary two months ago to not having anyone even close to challenging her today.



4 Responses to Rasmussen: AZ Gov. Jan Brewer Surges in Popularity

  1. The solution to the illegal immigrants Democrated mess is to allow all such people who have learned English and who not involved with drugs to become American citizens BUT WITH NO VOTING RIGHTS!!!

    Can you imagine how thrilled Obama would be?

  2. We have reached our limit in patience so let’s dump the entire Washington, D.C. hacks and replace them with TEA PARTY MEMBERS!

  3. Eugene L. Notkin says:

    The illegal immigrant conundrum is FIXABLE

  4. […] a 27 point lead over her nearest opponent in the Republican primary race for Arizona governor (h/t West Coast Outpost). She’s up 19 points from where she was a month ago. Talk about […]

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