Sarah Palin Endorses… Clint Didier??

I don’t get it.

From Palin’s Facebook page:

I’m proud to support Clint Didier as he willingly puts it all on the line to serve Washington state in the U.S. Senate for all the right reasons! This selfless, inspiring commonsense constitutional conservative will help put our country on the right track.

Please visit Clint’s website here, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s get behind #86!

– Sarah Palin

Here’s what Chris Widener, a candidate who recently dropped out of the WA-Sen race, recently said about Didier:

I’ll get it right off my chest: Clint is completely, totally, unequivocally unelectable in a general election. I hate to say it because I like Clint Didier the man so much. He is a passionate and friendly guy. Very personable one-on-one, but put a microphone in his hand and he turns into the Incredible Hulk. It is fire, brimstone, thunder, lightning and doomsday all rolled up into one.

The things he has said on camera – repeatedly said – have, I am sure, already been stored in a video vault at the Murray campaign and will be used to scare the heck out of voters we would need if he makes it to the general election.

Palin can’t possibly know any of that. I don’t even know if she’s met the man or seen him speak. At a recent political conference here in WA, I got to see Didier speak on a Senate panel, and Widener’s description of him is 100% accurate.

He leans forward when he speaks, points a finger at the audience, and in an ominous tone, gives a doom-and-gloom answer to nearly every question he’s asked. That’s not what voters want to see and hear all the time.

Here’s more of what Widener had to say:

I’m not telling you anything I haven’t told Clint personally. After one forum I told him I wanted to talk to him as we both drove home. We talked via cell phone. I told him that what I was hearing from him would make him unelectable. In fact, what I told him was, “Clint, you have to stop with the crazy talk. They are videotaping you and will destroy you with the things you are saying.”

And what kinds of things was Didier saying? Per Widener:

…I will give you a brief overview: Threatening violence against other Senators, encouraging people to disobey the law, insinuating armed revolt. Not to mention throwing phrases out that will be distorted. Things like, “God told me to get up and die on a cross so my kids won’t have to,” “we need to get rid of child labor laws,” etc etc. This isn’t a game of hopscotch, and there are no do-overs, especially in the digital age.

Again, Sarah Palin couldn’t possibly have known any of that before she threw her support behind Didier.

The irritating thing is that we didn’t need Palin to enter the fray here and endorse a candidate. Most of us on the Right want to nominate Dino Rossi to take on Patty Murray in November. He polls the best against her out of all of the GOP candidates, and is widely considered the only candidate who can beat her.

Why Palin decided to get involved is beyond me.


10 Responses to Sarah Palin Endorses… Clint Didier??

  1. Shane says:

    I agree completely.

  2. hippieprof says:

    I though all tea partiers looked and acted like the Incredible Hulk? No – wait – that can’t be – the Hulk is green, and the tea partiers are all white….


    — hp

    • Nick says:

      Ha! Well, seeing as Barack Obama got 95% of the black vote, I wouldn’t expect for there to be many blacks at Tea Party rallies.

      However, we have some awesome black candidates running during this election cycle, many of which have a great chance to win.

      I hope (and I think it is) the tide is beginning to turn as far as the lack of black people in the Republican party goes. The more that black people can see black Conservatives in the spotlight, the more likely they’ll be to join the party. After all, most of them are socially Conservative anyway. Just need to get them to realize fiscal Conservatism is better for them than tax-and-spend (and spend and spend) Liberalism.

      • Gary P says:

        There is actually a record number of blacks running for Congress. Over 30. Most, if not all, are Tea Party people.

        Of course, one of the big players is Lloyd Marcus. He is black.

        Check out Lt Col. Allen West. Talk about “fire and brimstone”!

        “Lt Col. Allen West On Barack Obama: “I can’t stand the guy. I absolutely can’t stand him.”

      • Nick says:

        Yeah, that West clip was great. I posted it on here the other day.

      • Gary P says:

        Yeah..Allen West is the kind of guy you wish they were all like! We’d have a heck of a lot better country!

  3. Gary P says:

    Sounds like someone is unhappy Palin didn’t endorse their boy.

    Everyone went crazy when she endorsed Carly over DeVore the “real” conservative. Now all sorts of unsavory facts are coming out about the guy. Turns out Sarah, and her staff that helps her vet candidates, were spot on.

    Nothing wrong with being a “fire and brimstone” conservative. All voters want is someone who is HONEST as the day is long, and has the ability to lead. We need “fire and brimstone” guys.

    Go back and look at Ronald Reagan, from 1964 on. He was a “fire and brimstone” guy as well, and that turned reasonably well, wouldn’t ya say!

    If Sarah likes him, I like him. I first started paying attention to Palin when she ran for Governor. Never been disappointed yet.

    • Nick says:

      Did you read my post or did you just want to comment to defend Palin? There is no way Clint Didier can beat Patty Murray. It would be a blowout. Dino Rossi, on the the other hand, has a very good shot to win. He’s not “my boy,” but he is the most Conservative candidate with the best chance of winning.

      • Gary P says:

        Yes, I read your post. And YES, I am defending Palin.

        From what I understand Rossi dicked around and wouldn’t commit. That’s not leadership.

        Like I said, I’ve followed her for years, and this gal knows what she is doing. She’s a heck of a lot like Ronald Reagan, but maybe a tad more savvy. And I say that meaning no disrespect to our greatest President.

        Sarah has been able to learn from what Reagan did right, and what he did wrong, as well as add in her own experience.

        Like Reagan, she’s a pragmatist. You have to not only pick a conservative, but one who is capable of winning, and then leading once they get there.

        It’s like the DeVore deal in California. I was a DeVore supporter,myself. And frankly, I was sad Sarah passed on endorsing him, and yeah, he asked.

        Then DeVore threw a hissy fit and his supporters and staff went nuts. Turned me off. Of course, by the next morning I learn DeVore has ethics issues, paying his campaign staff with taxpayer money. And it all became clear.

        Not sure how much you know about Palin, but she took down the entire leadership of the Republican party for crap like that. She did that as a private citizen, when the Governor stopped her in her official position. Then she took him out too!

        You can bet that’s what turned her off on DeVore. Sure put me off. But the way he handled rejection really turned me off.

        Politics is a nasty business. I get that, but DeVore could never even come in second in a three way, and Campbell is to the left of Boxer! Endorsing Carly made sense.

        Anyhow, back to Clint. He’s an imposing figure, for sure. He’s a pro football player!! But seems to be an honorable guy. I honestly don’t see the “fire and brimstone” myself. But everyone sees things different.

        I actually got interested in this race following Widener, and was like WOW when he decided to back away and let the others fight it out. Pretty honorable deal. Wish he’d give DeVore a call.

        Anyhow, I think everyone should stick to the issues and quit pissing and moaning about what Sarah does. She’s playing chess while others are playing checkers.

        She has the uncanny ability to see the big picture, as well as a few moves ahead on the chess board. She ain’t perfect, but she’s right a hell of a lot more than she’s wrong.

        Instead of beating up on each other (and basically doing Patty Murray’s opposition research for her) go after her and offer solutions.

        Murry is the enemy..not Clint or Dino!

  4. […] her in November. I’m not worried at all about Clint Didier beating him in the primary for reasons I posted the other day. This is going to be a Rossi vs. Murray slugfest, and it’s going to get nasty. […]

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