Alan Grayson, Nice Guy


NRO’s Jim Geraghty has Alan Grayson listed as one of his 99 vulnerable Democrats that can be knocked off by the GOP this election year. In terms of the difficulty of picking up his FL-08 seat, Geraghty put it in the green column, which translates to: AS HARD AS BEATING THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS/SHOULD BE GOP WINS.”

Here’s what he wrote about Grayson:

Alan Grayson, Florida: This obnoxious, loudmouth, partisan Democrat represents a somewhat Republican district. Grayson won only 52 percent of the vote in 2008, even with the Obama wave carrying him. Grayson has almost unlimited funds, but a small army of Republican candidates are setting out to defeat him; the two most likely include popular former state senator Daniel Webster and current state representative Kurt Kelly.

That was on May 6th. Geraghty had this to say earlier today:

Democratic donors have given $2.6 million to Alan Grayson this cycle, and it is deeply satisfying to watch them waste their hard-earned dollars on a congressman who has absolutely no chance of retaining a seat in an R+2 district.

You cannot compare the opposing party to al-Qaeda and expect to retain your seat.

All the money in the world can’t save you if you are fundamentally out of step with your district’s values. In the end, his term in Congress will be remembered as a two-year-long, taxpayer-funded audition tape for MSNBC.


(HT: Hot Air)


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