McMahon Wins Party Nod at CT GOP Convention

From the WSJ:

McMahon, Simmons To Face Off In Primary

Connecticut Republicans Friday endorsed former World Wrestling Entertainment executive Linda McMahon for the U.S. Senate race, but former Rep. Rob Simmons said he will challenge her in the party’s Aug. 10 primary.

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal Friday night was endorsed by the state’s Democrats despite recent questions raised about statements he has made about his service during the Vietnam War.

Mr. Simmons said he would pursue the nomination despite not winning the party’s nod. “I believe the best thing I can do to help the Republican Party to victory in November is to give them another choice,” Mr. Simmons said. “And that’s why I intend to stay in this race.”

There could be a third primary candidate: Money manager Peter Schiff said after failing to win enough votes to qualify for a spot in the primary that he would mount a petition drive to get his name on the ballot. Ms. McMahon was until last year the chief executive of Stamford, Conn.-based World Wresting Entertainment.

The vote tally was McMahon 737, Simmons 632, and Schiff 44.

Simmons told CQ Politics on Tuesday that he would “allow the convention winner to proceed without a divisive primary” in August if he didn’t win the party nod, but after the convention, he said this:

“There is much time left in this campaign. I have sufficient funds to make a compelling case to voters before the primary, and that is what is expected by my supporters, many of whom have already asked me to remain in this race regardless of outcome…I’m staying in this race and I am going to win in August.”

I like Rob Simmons a lot, so I have no problem with him staying in the race. Voters are wary, though, of politicians who say one thing and do another, so I would have preferred if Simmons had just said nothing at all about dropping out if he lost at the convention. Regardless, he’ s in, and it should be a great primary battle.


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