Why Isn’t the Federal Gov’t Cleaning up the Oil Spill in the Gulf?

Simple answer? Because the Obama administration doesn’t want to clean it up.

Check out what Robert Gibbs told the press yesterday.

From CBS News:

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs says that under a 1990 law, BP is responsible, and the government is simply assisting.

“They’re responsible for the cleanup, and they have to pay for it,” Gibbs said at his press briefing Friday.

Gibbs was pressed repeatedly Friday to explain why the federal government hasn’t taken over.

“I’m asking why you don’t take control of the whole operation,” one reporter asked.

“It is their responsibility,” Gibbs said.

“Does the government just stand there as a spectator?” CBS News Correspondent Chip Reid asked.

“We are overseeing the response, OK,” Gibbs said.

Oh ok, Robert. Thank you so much for “overseeing the response” over the last 35 days while absolutely nothing has been done by BP to clean up the oil spill. Thank you for quoting an ancient law to justify why you haven’t taken over for BP in the cleanup effort, and why you’re fine with the environment and the local economy being hurt down in the gulf.

Because I’m sure nothing could be done to amend the law, whatever that law may be. I’m sure it’s completely set in stone.


Just look how easy it would be to clean up the oil spill if the Obama administration wanted to do so:

CW Roberts employees demonstrating the use of hay to assist in a defense against the oil spill in the Gulf. This is the method that is included in the Walton County Plan of Action.

From CW Roberts president, Charles Roberts:

“We have everything mobilized. We can have boats and equipment on the water in less than a half-day. We have been getting calls from all over, from people who want to supply the hay. We want to be given the chance to see if it works. If it works on 10-acres, then give us a bigger assignment.”

But that darn 1990 law!

What a joke.


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