Dino Rossi Raises $600k in First Week of Campaign

Wow. That’s some serious money.

From the Seattle PI:

Dino Rossi, freshly announced GOP candidate for U.S. Senate, says his campaign brought in $600,000 in one week.

Rossi is challenging Democrat Patty Murray, who has raised almost $10 million, according to the latest figures from OpenSecrets.org.

“In just the first week, we have signed up over 2,500 people online, attracted over 20,000 Facebook followers, third most of any US Senate candidate and nearly twice that of Senator Murray, and raised over $600,000, including nearly $200,000 online,” Rossi said in a statement.

More from Rossi, via CQ Politics:

“We did this without an office, phones, or staff. It happened because the people of our great state share my concerns,” Rossi said in a press release detailed his early campaign achievements.

“Our message of putting people back to work, getting our economy on track and putting the brakes on out-of-control federal spending has struck a chord with the people.”



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