Could WA Dems Get Any More Pathetic??

I mean, seriously.

From The Seattle Times:

Washington Democrats launch snarky tweets on Dino Rossi

WASHINGTON — Picking up where national Democrats left off, the Washington State Democratic Party has begun issuing snarky tweets depicting Dino Rossi as a self-serving candidate who’s indifferent to voters’ needs.

But unlike an earlier Twitter account created by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the state Democrats’ tweets are anonymous, with no mention anywhere of the party’s affiliation.

The new media campaign against Rossi, who two weeks ago entered the race against. U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, exploits a gray area of political campaign disclosure rules.

The national Democratic commmittee’s fake Dino Rossi website clearly discloses its sponsorship. But campaign finance experts say political attacks via Twitter appear exempt, given that disclosure rules largely apply to big spending.

Anne Martens, a spokeswoman for the Washington State Democratic Party, said not divulging the party’s authorship of the tweets was an oversight. Martens inserted a link to the state party’s website from the Twitter account as I interviewed her on the phone.

Even without the disclosure, Martens argued that the Twitter account makes its political origins obvious. Rossi’s bio, for instance, is listed as thus: “This one time, seven years ago, I did a state budget. Now I’m a career candidate. Two time loser, going for my third out.”

I can’t wait for Patty Murray to lose.


One Response to Could WA Dems Get Any More Pathetic??

  1. DCG says:

    Ah an “oversight”? Yeah, typical BS spin for not owning up to your tactics. Gotta believe w/ these kind of tactics & the poll numbers that Murray’s team is just a wee bit frightened…

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