WA-Sen: Rossi and Murray in Dead Heat

The three most recent polls:

Elway Poll (6/9 – 6/13): Murray 47, Rossi 40

The Washington Poll (5/3 – 5/28): Murray 42, Rossi 40.

Rasmussen (5/26 – 5/26): Murray 48, Rossi 47

By the way, the Elway Poll always gives Democrats a 10+ point cushion, so if Rossi’s only down seven in that poll (he was down 17 in their last poll), then that’s  a very good sign.

As far as The Washington Poll goes, I have a bit of a problem with it as well, seeing as it’s spread out over 25 days. I’d like to see PPP or Quinnipiac conduct a WA-Sen poll to give us a more accurate view of the state of the race, but for now, it looks as if Rossi’s tied with Murray.




Oh, almost forgot: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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