Clint Didier Needs to Drop Out of the WA-Sen Race

Seriously, Clint? Come on man.

From the Seattle Times:

Didier in D.C. making play for GOP endorsements

Dino Rossi may be the handpicked Senate candidate of the national Republican establishment, but that isn’t stopping rival Clint Didier from making a play for the party’s support.

Didier, the Pasco farmer and former tight end for the Washington Redskins, is in Washington, D.C., today meeting with officials from the National Republican Senatorial Committee and other organizations to argue that he’s the better challenger to Democratic U.S. Sen Patty Murray. (Politico wrote about his effort Tuesday.)

Kathryn Serkes, Didier’s campaign consultant, said despite Rossi’s presumed frontrunner status, the endorsement of the NRSC and other groups is “up for grabs.”

The latest Elway poll shows Didier far behind Rossi — Didier’s numbers in the poll are about equal to Bellingham businessman Paul Akers, another lesser-known Republican candidate.

But Didier does have the endorsement of conservative favorite Sarah Palin and was enthusiastically received at the recent Republican state convention.

Paul Akers needs to drop out of the race too, btw. My modus operandi is that I will always support the most Conservative candidate with the best chance to defeat the Democrat in the general election.

That’s not Clint Didier and that’s not Paul Akers. Clint and Paul know it; everyone knows it.

It’s time for both of them to drop out and put their support behind Dino Rossi. All Washington GOPers are going to need to be on board and unified if we’re going to knock off Patty Murray in November.

A heated primary battle is not going to help in that effort.


2 Responses to Clint Didier Needs to Drop Out of the WA-Sen Race

  1. DCG says:

    Concur with this thought. I prefer another candidate than Rossi but realize he’s going to get the repub vote so will put my $ behind him. Learned my lesson early in the DeVore race…

    Curious, do you know of any polls that break it down geographically? Is Didier more popular than Rossi in eastern WA?

  2. NorineGraham,WA says:

    My understanding is Didier is the strongest candidate on the East side of WA.

    I take offense to anyone asking a candidate to drop out of the race. I say let them debate and present their campaigns and then let the VOTERS DECIDE who will be the Republican candidate by voting in the primary. This is how it should be. I don’t want to vote for Dino. My vote is for Clint Didier because I think he is a better candidate and will have a better chance of winning against Murray over the long haul.

    Most of the people who just want Murray out of office will vote for either Didier or Rossi come election day—so let us decide which one we prefer to send there and shut up already about asking candidates to drop out.

    Didier and Akers have both campaigned hard from the very beginning and quite frankly I don’t appreciate Rossi waltzing in as a Johnny-come-late and expect to take the cake. If Rossi was so interested in the job, Why didn’t he campaign from the start??? How dedicated is Rossi? He has also lost twice against Dem. Gregoire.

    Check out Didier if you haven’t heard about him and I guarantee you will agree with his stand on many important issues. He is a great candidate and I fully support him.

    His website and issue statements can be found at

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