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  1. Bill says:

    Did you ever consider that maybe, just maybe, the Black Panthers actually have a point? Sure militancy isn’t always the best way of going about it, but I think given the long (and continuing) history of racial injustice in both America and the world.

    Standing outside a polling center in paramilitary garb and a baton is intimidating, yes, but I’d argue it is only intimidating to those who are letting themselves be intimidated and if that is the case, maybe they should reassess their own views toward racial equality. If the men were hurling insults AT the place of voting, that would be another thing, but merely to stand and show a political (and not violent) symbol is an act of free speech… something conservatives should know something about.

  2. DCG says:

    And what would the point of the Black Panthers be – that they hate white people? That they want to kill them? Sure, (fill in the blank) isn’t always the best way but (fill in the blank) justifies it. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    And what’s with the continued history of racial injustice? We have a black (well half) man as the president of the US. Wasn’t that historic? Why continue this victim attitude?

    And how is standing in front of a polling place with a billie club, slapping it on your hands not violent and intimidating?

    Fact remains: these men were charged and failed to show up in court. There was a case against them and Holder dropped it simply because they are black. Talk about a double standard…

    • Bill says:

      If you honestly think Holder dropped the case because they were Black?. Under that logic, the thousands of other Black men across the country who have been charged with crimes from jaywalking to murder are likely in the process of having their charges dropped, too.

      And another thing. The idea that because we have a Black President, there are no longer any racial injustices is hopelessly and foolishly naive. In fact, that is one of the few comments that anybody, regardless of political belief, should know better than to say. Look at NYC’s random searches: minorities (especially African-Americans) are something like nine times as likely to be randomly searched on the street, but no more likely than whites to be charged after the shakedown. Look at a food court in the South, where nearly all of the workers are African-American, whereas in a state like this you have a more heterogeneous mix. Even look at the homeless shelters in a city like our own, where the vast majority of those seeking help are of color (and particularly Black).

      You should be ashamed of yourself, DCG, for equating injustices to a “victim attitude.” African-Americans and their allies aren’t simply propagating it to take a half-hearted approach to life and receive government entitlements. And if you think racial injustices are solved, or even made better, simply because we have a African-American in the White House, you need to take a long, hard look at race’s actual role in U.S. civic life.

  3. DCG says:

    Let me clarify my last statement: Holder dropped the case because they are Black Panthers with an agenda that mirrors the one of this DOJ. This admin favors a group with a radical political agenda. What they did wasn’t intimidating? Why drop the case when it was already WON???? You encourage this type of behavior?

    Racial injustice: Bill, you’re never going to live in a land where everyone is equal because we aren’t. We are what we make of ourselves. Has nothing to do with the color of ones skin but what is under that skin. Sure, some police may racial profile yet they are trained to control that. Try walking a week in their shoes w/all the danger they face. You might profile as well. I’m profiled every time I get on a plane thanks to 9/11. I’m profiled because I am a blonde woman. Do you know how many times I’ve been discriminated at work? Never made me feel inferior, just made me fight harder.

    I can’t control what color of a person one chooses to hire at their establishment. You want businesses to hire based on the color of someone’s skin rather than their capabilities and the demands of the job? Would that make the food court more attractive? It’s called supply and demand for work/workers based on capabilities. The people that work at the food court are probably dang happy they have a job.

    When I see a Black Panther crying for the killing of crackers, I see victim attitude. Instead of trying to improve their lives all they do is blame others. Blaming whites for the crimes blacks commit on other blacks makes ZERO sense. They do not understand if it were not for the white people that stood along side them in their struggle we would not have a black president today.

    I don’t need an education in US civics TYVM. Shame on Black Panthers for calling to kill someone based on the color of their skin in the name of racial justice.

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