SurveyUSA: Washingtonians fed up with Dems…

The June numbers from SurveyUSA:

Christine Gregoire: 34% approve, 64% disapprove.

WA State Legislature: 19% approve, 75% disapprove.

President Obama: 45% approve, 53% disapprove.

Senator Cantwell: 44% approve, 48% disapprove.

The only person not underwater is Patty Murray, but her approval rating is still under 50% (49% approve, 44% disapprove). Perhaps more troubling for Murray is the fact that last Friday’s Rasmussen poll showed her down three points to both Dino Rossi AND Clint Didier.

The Legislature’s numbers remain abysmal, as do Gregoire’s.

As far as President Obama’s numbers go, June marks the first time his disapproval rating has been above 50% in Washington. His 45% approval rating also marks an all-time low for him in this state.


2 Responses to SurveyUSA: Washingtonians fed up with Dems…

  1. DCG says:

    Well if they weren’t fed up now they sure might be after The Zero’s support of the mosque on ground zero. Heck even my lib mom is “disappointed” at this point. Can’t build a strip joint near Safeco Field, a family friendly event, yet build a Muslim mosque near the site of 9/11? Political suicide…

  2. Bill says:


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