A story that hits closer to home than most

July 25, 2009

First of all, just want to say that my time at Lake Chelan was awesome. Beautiful weather for most of the trip, good food and good people. Definitely a nice vacation.

And now, back to politics.

I came home to an email from my pops, which linked to a video report by CBS about a Chevy dealership that’s being shut down in the town 0f 800 he grew up in as a kid. All because the government now owns General Motors…

Click the pic below to watch the report:



Taking a small vacation

July 21, 2009

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I won’t be blogging again until late Friday or early Saturday morning. I’m heading over to beautiful Lake Chelan with some friends, and will be out on a boat in 95 degree weather for a vast majority of the time. Needless to say, I won’t be thinking too much about blogging.

I just want to say a big thanks to all of you for checking out the blog, linking to it, and leaving comments. I’m proud to say that I’ve gotten over 11,000 hits in a little less than two months because of you.

See you in a few days!


GOP takes four-point lead on Generic Congressional Ballot

July 21, 2009

Hope and change!

From Rasmussen:

Support for Republican congressional candidates has reached its highest level in over two years as the GOP lengthens its lead over Democrats in the latest edition of the Generic Ballot.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 42% would vote for their district’s Republican congressional candidate while 38% would opt for the Democratic candidate.

Support for Republican candidates rose two points over the past week, while support for Democratic candidates is up one point. Last week, support for Democrats fell to its lowest level in over two years.

So, support for Republican congressional candidates has reached its highest level in over two years, while support for Dems fell to its lowest level in over two years last week. Sweet.

Here’s how the last five weeks have looked for the Generic Congressional Ballot:

June 21, 2009: Dem 41, GOP 39

June 28, 209: GOP 41, Dem 39

July 5, 2009: GOP 41, Dem 38

July 12, 2009: GOP 40, Dem 37

July 19, 2009: GOP 42, Dem 38

In the same time frame, Obama’s approval ratings have gone from  58.7% approve, 33.7% disapprove to 56.2% approve, 38% disapprove.

Also in the same time frame, the number of people who think country is headed in the right direction has gone from 43.1% to 36.2%. The number of those who say we’re on the wrong track has gone from 48.6% to 55.6%.

That’s music to the ears of Republicans who have been waiting for a resurgence back into power. The McDonnell/Deeds and Christie/Corzine races will reveal a lot more than these polls about the true mood of the country, and will either offer a huge boost or a huge blow to Repubs heading into 2010. Right now, those races look good for us, but November’s still a looong way off.

The difference between men and women, epitomized in a poll about gopher control

July 21, 2009

Thought this was pretty funny.

In a recent SurveyUSA poll of 500 San Diegans on how the city should handle a gopher problem they’re having at a field in Ocean Beach, here were the top three responses given by both men and women:


1.) Eco-friendly sprays (31%)

2.) Concussion bombs (21%)

3.) Poison (13%)


1.) Eco-friendly sprays (34%)

2.) Sound deterrents (26%)

3.) Campaign urging citizens not to feed wildlife (16%)

So whereas men and women both feel using Eco-friendly sprays would be the best option, men then feel the second-best option would be to blow the crap out of the gophers. If that failed, they’d bring in the poison to kill off the remaining critters.

Women, on the other hand, feel the second-best option would be to use sound deterrents to get them to leave. If that didn’t work, they’d be for setting up a campaign urging citizens not to feed wildlife.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that there’s no real difference between the two sexes, lol.

Dennis Prager touches on that here:

Dennis Prager: Americans Are Beginning to Understand the Left

July 21, 2009

Prager says the only good thing to come out of Barack Obama’s presidency so far is that clarity has emerged about the thinking of the Left, and the danger it poses to America. Prager lists four principles of the Left that are becoming clearer and clearer to more Americans. They are as follows:

  1. The left, as distinct from traditional liberals, is not, and has never been, interested in creating wealth. The left is no more interested in creating wealth than Christians are in creating Muslims or Muslims in creating Christians. The left is interested in redistributing wealth, not creating it. The left spends the wealth that private enterprise and entrepreneurial risk-taking individuals create.
  2. The reason the left asks why there is poverty instead of why there is wealth is that the left’s preoccupying ideal is equality — not economic growth. And those who are preoccupied with equality are more troubled by wealth than by poverty.
  3. The left everywhere seeks to make as big and powerful a state as possible. It does so because only the state can redistribute society’s wealth. And because only a strong and powerful state can impose values on society. The idea of small government, the American ideal since its inception, is the antithesis of the left’s ideal.
  4. The left imposes its values on others whenever possible and to the extent possible. That is why virtually every totalitarian regime in the 20th century was left-wing. Inherent to all left-wing thought is a totalitarian temptation. People on the left know that not only are their values morally superior to conservative values, but that they themselves are morally superior to conservatives. Thus, for example, the former head of the Democratic Party, Howard Dean, could say in all seriousness, “In contradistinction to the Republicans, we don’t think children ought to go to bed hungry at night.”

Prager goes much further in depth on these principles, and how each applies to the Leftists in Washington today, so I’d recommend reading the whole article.

Prager concludes with this:

The president of the United States and the much of the Democratic Party embody these left-wing principles. Right now, America’s only hope of staying American rather than becoming European lies in making these principles as clear as possible to as many Americans as possible. The left is so giddy with power right now, we actually have a chance.

NY Times: Republicans See Opportunity in Races for Governor

July 21, 2009

Cherish this moment, as the Times usually has nothing positive to report about the GOP.

Here’s some excerpts from their article:

When I start looking at this chart, in some ways I’d sure rather be a Republican than a Democrat next year,” said Jennifer Duffy, who tracks gubernatorial races for the non-partisan Cook Political Report.

“There were a bunch of Democratic states I wasn’t looking too seriously at for a while — Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin — that I am taking new looks at because in the past several months, I have seen polling numbers for these governors tank,” she said. “Let’s face it: Being governor is not the best job in American right now.”


Democrats have more seats to defend in 2010: 21 of them, compared with 18 for Republicans. (Overall, Democrats now hold 28 of the 50 state governorships, compared with 22 for Republicans.)


What is more, 17 of the 39 seats to be contested in 2010 will be open, with no incumbent in the race, and 10 of those are now held by Democrats. The main reason for this is term limits.


As of right now, officials from both parties said, Republicans could see a net gain of at least three governors’ seats. Democrats face especially long odds in Kansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Michigan, and depending on what Mr. Freudenthal does, Wyoming. That list could end up including Colorado, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, Maine, Wisconsin and Iowa as well, officials in both parties said.

The Times also points out that Republicans may not have to wait until 2010 to start posting some victories, as Bob McDonnell currently leads Creigh Deeds in Virginia, and Chris Christie leads incumbent Governor, Jon Corzine, in New Jersey. Elections for both races will be held this November.

IBD smashes the case for ObamaCare

July 20, 2009

(HT: Dennis Prager)

Investor’s Business Daily takes a look at the arguments from proponents of government-run healthcare, and takes them apart one-by-one. They are as follows:

  • America has a health care crisis.
  • Health care reform will save money.
  • Only the rich will pay for reform.
  • Government-run health care produces better results.
  • The poor lack care.

I’m sure you’ve heard all of these arguments from your friends on the Left before, so to be able to respond to them, it’d be a good idea to read the article and find out why none of them actually hold water.